My Everything Songtext
If I could do it all again
I wouldn't change a thing with you
Cause I fell in love with my best friend
How'd I get so lucky
That's the way it goes
Even though every now and then
Starts spinning fast and we gotta hold on
My heart is in it 'til the end
So if you start feeling like I'm takin' you for granted...
You know

Have no illusions about what you mean to me
You are my everything
Sunshine, my moonlight, promise of every spring
You are my everything
So don't you let nobody try to pull us apart
'Cause you are my everything
Beginning and ending, and all that is in between
You are my everything
They say that you got it 'til it's gone
But this love keeps going on and on
Can't even remember my before
My heart belongs to you for forever more
I'm just a reflection of your love
My heart skips a beat when you're smilin' at me
So like I always tell you you're the one (you're the one)
So if you start feeling I'm takin' you for granted...
You know
My Everything
You are my everything
You are... You are (You are... You are)
You are my everything...
You are... (You are...)
You are my everything... (Everything Yeah)
You are... You are...
You are my everything...

(Repeat Chorus)