My Dogg Songtext


von Release

My Dogg Songtext
My dogg him ah meh one an' only luv
an' him ah give mi heartbun
whenever mi catch him undercover wid Sharon
an' mi done believe a lie
when him ah tell when him ah cum
back from go-go, inna di morning
an' ah kill mi doorbell

[Verse 1:]
Why, oh why
must a gal cry
di clevar ting fi do is find a pretty shy guy
whos always on time
an' neva turn to a lie
I wonder why de guy just
neva caught mi eye
weh try mi coulda try, but mi would scare dat away
but mi nah complain, cau mi an' meh dogg are on today
just cool an' slowly how mi an' meh dogg play
see how di bwoy had mi, mi haffi tell: gals go away!


[Verse 2:]
So 'neaky pon de side
man ah walk an' ah hide
yuh see dem bwoy ah natural
dem dont even shy fi put on de poker face
when a gal ah aks why
"Cho gyal, I know mi ah nice guy!"
sum man have de touch, yo
we luv dem so much
dirty walk, dirty talk, fi mek de young girls dem blush
sex dem till dem cry
an' just tell dem fi hush
dem kind of skills, bwoy, sum heart ah fi crush


Man like meh dogg him ah nuttin
fi dem meh him man ah nuttin
fi mek mi just luv how him feel
men like meh dogg him have nuff sexappeal
an' spins dem gyals like a wheel
an' now meh heart him ah steal

[Verse 3:]
Man is a man
an' him feel how him feel
'o long time
an' we still cant reveal
all dem so cold when it comes to female
di all ah dem just ah switch an' ah deal
I would not know if ah yur man I steal (sorry...)
mi is ah gal who have nuff sexappeal
but still mi cant find a love dat is real
all dogg ah look ah next meal...