My Corridors Songtext


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My Corridors Songtext
Let us creep through broken walls
Of mortar, concrete and wool
Into shell-rich air of howling cries
To drag our brothers to safety
So that they may die in the shade
Tongues drowning in the breeze
Their waning gaze follows the trailing blaze
No last words, no, only a wheeze

I was alone I would have stayed in
Lowered my head
Under water
The case is closed
Storing the body
Our child of
Destructive will
Sleeping late into the morning
Licking my sheets
Holding my breath
Until you join me

Carry me through my corridors
Unto the morgue, of polythene walls
Deny the elderly a final smile
They will die with a poor image of youth
Despite their withered ears
And unruly hair
They remain impervious:
Disgusted and intimidated of the truth