My Belfast Songtext
My BelfastHave you ever been to Belfast Citynear the county DownHave you seen the famous River Laganand all the views of that fine townHave you heard about her beautieshave you heard about her painOh that´s my Belfast where I remainTake a sight of the Stormont Housecross Queens-Bridge and Oxford StreetThe Albert Memorial Clock Towersee the Custom House by feetWalk along the Dublin RoadUp to the Ulster HallOh that´s my Belfast I can´t recallBut don´t forget the Falls Road peopleand the office of Sinn FeinWalk into the Divis Flatsfeel the anger and the painSee the mothers with their little babiesand the big crowd on the doleOh, that´s my Belfast my heart and soulBut see the troops of a foreign nationthey are ready to defeatAnd see the guards and the patrol dodgewatch the armoured cars in the streetAnd see those rubbre-bullets flyburst into your headOh that´s my Belfast my great regretDo you remember Henry Joyand little Bobby SandsThe UDA, the Black And Tansand the crazy reverend