Murshin Durkin Songtext
Murshin DurkinIn the days I went a-courtin´I was never tired resortin´To the alehouse and the playhouseand many´s the house besideBut I told me brother SeamusI´d be off and be right famousAnd when Ireturn againI roamed the world wideI courted girls in Blarneyin Kanturk and KillarneyIn Passage and in Queenstownthat is the cove of CorkBut I´m sick of all this treasureI´m gone and make me leisureAnd the next time that you hear from mewill be a letter from New YorkGoodbye to all the girls at homeI´m sailing far across the foamTo good old Paddy Mincoln and to AmericayThere´s gold and jewels in plentyfor the poor and for the gentryAnd the next time I´ll return againI´ll never more will saySo, Good Bye Murshin DurkinI´m sick and tired of workin´No more I´ll dig the pratiesand no longer I´ll be fooledBut as sure my name is CarneyI´ll be off to CalifornyAnd instead of digging pratiesI´ll be digging lumps of gold