Morbid Realms Songtext

Sentient Horror

von Morbid Realms

Morbid Realms Songtext
Entering a world, terrors from beyond
Passing through the veil, mortal life is gone
Open up the black abyss shrouded from your eyes
Gaze upon unhallowed lads where ancient demons lie
Morbid Realms

Endless scenes of torture, reveling in flesh
Torment is eternal, you wish for only death
Row of bodies torn apart, cacophony of cries
Pleasures for the nameless ghouls hidden deep inside
Morbid Realms

Dark is the Realm where life is lost
Abyssal Hell, inhuman thoughts
Mass oppression reigns in the old domain
You cannot comprehend, now face your bitter end!

Now your soul is burning, forever you remain
Tethered to the darkness, suffering in pain
Servant to the formless ones chaos personified
Never to return again forever you’ll reside
Morbid Realms