mo' sound Songtext
Take it back

Makin tracks fo Relax

Throwin all my raps in them baskets of trash?

Yo is that what you aks?

Hell no
Just take a ride, in one of my quick raps

And I?m a deliver you fuckin....whiplash

Cus my shit?s fast

Ya can?t follow? Then try my English class

Think you will pass?

Boy I doubt it

Cus all my classes are crowded. You need to be mature, and ur still like....childish

And I know I?m still........sixteen

But I bring the ill.......shit see?

And it?s all fo real......quickly
It?ll make ya feel......tipsy!

Chorus: Mo sound! I got the whole crowd bouncin no doubt

And I?ma rip my flow out my throat now!

Cus we got this shit goin out so loud/

Ain?t gonna slow down... (2 x)

And I ain?t tryin to be the better guy, I?m just tryin to get inside ye mind,

Now can ye define, what I, just said to you in rhyme,

While I?m, tryin to get into your attitude better move.

Cus my flow?s comin...... let ?m through

Or do you need to know the... exact altitude.

From a satellite called: (what?) alpha two

where the fuck am I headin to.. just gimmie


Aight folks, it?s time to take it back to the essence of this track.

I?ma make a guess, take a.. step back. Double check fo my humble rap.

Don?t clap ye hands cus my rap is still in development in this element

I gotta helping hand from my man of Relax, Burdell.

Cus I heard that, he got rap cures fo sale.

So, no complain, that?s the shit that I?ll come claim!


Xx maxime