Misunderstanding Songtext

The Lavellas

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Misunderstanding Songtext
Vs. 1:
Am I covering up what I'm letting go inside of me?
Lonely girl, find those secret melodies that make you wonder if I ever dreamed that I was showering naked beside you, but then I told you that you really would fall in love with man,
not a criminal. Then I
Walked from your door, I felt those tears falling from your eyes.
I am in disguise, I am no one, just an ordinary soul.
You would sacrifice the life I choose to lead, please understand.
Vs. 2:
Why I am everything you never want to be and lies deceive.
Lonely girl, tell your filthy fantasies to someone that can turn them into art
so I can forever remember your sound track, but then I told you that the limits had gone too far and somehow you couldn't justify why I