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Mission Pimpossible Songtext
-Mission Pimpossible-

It was a monday, about a week before X-mas.

packed a bowl of evergreen in the spleen of Scarlet,
she ain't no mother fuckin harlot. No botch can touch her

she only purrs when I got it.

Pupils wide when I breathe in this earth

it's the fighting, clawing, biting, pawing

for what it's really worth. "Fuck man, I got I'm all out of Cap'n Crunchies."

"damn boy, I got the motha fucking munchies."

We went to get some food, we met some honeys

you might think it's pretty cool but we spent all our money

on some whack ass shit that they wanted to get

but I said fuck it though, cause it's worth it.

The girlies was askin what we're gonna do

I told em I don't really care as long as I'm with you

One of em said why don't we dip and go

Dash over here said, "Yeah but I'm hungry though. Bitch!"

Just then they told us they ain't havin it

they said if you're gonna do that shit, we're gonna dip

we got places to, and people to see, and in case you don't get it

time is money

Every one minute is another dollar spent

so inconsistently consistent

God.... mama mia

to hell with dollar bills I pay with Sacagawea!

So we said ( what'd we say?) Fuck then trick ass bitches

with their shik shown and their trickses

we continued our quest but that ain't even the rest

so just chill right there lemme tell you what up

we got in a predicament involving a duck!

You might think it's crazy but i think it's sane

everybody called him Jimmy but Milton was his name

he told us if we do some shit for him we'd get some food

i said to him, "buddy, i ain't in the mood."

right there he dropped on his knees and started to beg

i looked over at Will as he popped him in the head

we dipped out on that fool, we continued on our journey

damn man it's already morning

By this time it is morning

I'm horny and it's boring

my stomach is storming

in the air it is pouring

what did we do? we lit it up

to get so calm we're like embalmers

naturally spittin this shit like it was never wrong

We came, we saw, I even brought my lucky rabbit paw

the sun sets in the south

just want some food in my mouth but not a penis

don't want no cock in my mouth

cause why? Cause I am not a homosexual