Misery Songtext
Misery Übersetzung
I wake up from a painful nightmare
Another sleepless night
And I feel so weak
I´m feeling insecure
I´m walking in the shadows
Hope that no one notices that I am here
I start to hurt myself
Just to see if I still feel
Or am I already dead?
I can´t see the light
Only voices in my head
They tell me to run
To the point of no return

Come to me my little boy
I will guide you through the darkness
I´m the one to give you
Everything you need
Don´t be afraid to touch me
I can be everything for you
Only I can save you from this misery

I know I need someone
To help me out from this misery
I want you to be the one
Tell me how can angels die
When their wings are broken
I think they will die soon