Mira Songtext


von Swings EP

Mira Songtext
I miss your presence but sure we've all lost something
It comes from inside, it's the love that we could give
In return for the love that you gave
You were silenced by a life that had gone wrong
And time will never drift out tears along
We miss our darling, oh won't you come back

In a second we can realise mistakes that we have made
So where's your second chance my darling Mira
Won't you say you'l never change?

If only you knew who you touched until the end
If only confidence could be drilled into a head
Maybe then you'd have realised, we'd all have done anything for you
But we won't bump ourselves up the queue for your heart
When there's so many who have loved you from the start
We're just message bous, who claim we knew you

So I'll sit here with all my patience and I'll praise our special time
'Cause from the moment we laid eyes on you my darling
You changed our lonely lives

(Thanks to Gary for these lyrics)