Metal Lust Songtext


von Twilight Dominion

Metal Lust Songtext
Summon the Thunder Music of demons and gods
Voices of wonder - Gateways to our dark past
Strengthened by Metal
Like a dagger of steel making you bleed
Sonic Destruction 'cause Metal is all that we need

Running in fright, metal tonight, amplified rage!
Metal Lust! Metal Lust!
Obliteration, poseur assassins, death from the stage!
Metal Lust! Metal Lust!

Crossing the Threshold
Time for the Tyrants to reign
Calling thy masters
Homage to sounds they have made Blasphemy
Spoken from weak ones with jealous eyes
Confront and destroy them
Now into the soil they lie!
I ride amongst my brothers, rampage through your town
Hate spawned from the others
We'll beat you motherfuckers to the ground!
Nothing else to live for, a Metal way of life
Nothing else to live for, so I will make you die!


We are the ones, still standing strong, the necrocult!
Metal Lust! Metal Lust!
The brotherhood, the underground, the necrocult!
Metal Lust! Metal Lust! Metal Lust! [repeat]

[Solo: Carcass Chris]