Mein Discount Bin Fuhrer Songtext


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Mein Discount Bin Fuhrer Songtext
I see you in the shopping mall,

harassing all the kids.

You don't care how much they've spent,

it's how you get your kicks.

Ancient, cranky blue-haired bats,

can use the bench for hours.

But if a punk-ass kid should try to sit,

you can abuse your power.

I see you at the concert hall,

punching out the kids.

You don't understand the music,

donÕt know what it is.

God forbid they try to dance,

or have fun; that's going to far.

When the real crooks are just upstairs,

the ones who own the bar.

Mein discount bin fuhrer.

Self-proclaimed overlord.

You must destroy that which,

You do not understand.

God of all you survey,

All will bow down to you.

At least while you're employed,

in this job that you hate.

A little power in a tiny mind,

with a big ego.

Enforcing all of your self-made laws.

A little power helping to fuel

all of your inner rage.

Projecting your own fear of your own flaws.

I see you almost everywhere,

being king of what you can.

Demanding treatment like a god,

you're no mortal man.

Self-appointed dictator,

of all and everyone.

I could leave, go somewhere else,

but there's another one.

Mein discount bin fuhrer.

Too mush testosterone.

Low budget dictator.

Teeny tiny tyrant.

Got to prove penis size.

Brain is not relevant.

Anger and violence are,

all that you want to know.