Medi Songtext
We can't involve ourselves in social ethics we LOST our soul to search of higher grounds we crave protection from the human mind proper justification is the question and a struggle of unwanted sight inside of us the skeleton cannot support the parasite the silence is closing in on every side in our minds a fear of what we visualize no source of that which has created us no way to name another deity and feed on its ability to somehow make someone believe all we ever need to see is in its seed let me become renewed in the ashes first I must burn don't leave me here don't let me starve don't leave me here don't let me drown as I could drop this synthetic stumbling abortion illiterate synthetic stumbling abortion defense is only offense attack destroy control release relax refuse resist temptations of all the accusations on you you know your only doing what you have to and everyone is going to laugh at you as well with this loud wind of whisper of sad thought dry future to face the longest cloud of loss feeding empty lives from the inside reality distorts as consciousness contorts the grindstone is washed away in the sand the leaves are teaching us to drop to dry up in the wind we try to stretch the pain into the years to some and then we can realize the tarnish within crusted at the corners of the mouth glimpse into the dim realm in the corners of mortal eyes cry and convulse in the corners of lonely rooms glass crumbs after shatter grinding in swallowing the remorse in stride sub-still born uncreatable fetus fuck the game never dies or concerns itself with the outcome it is ever present and it eternally numb to the pain of all players whether small time, or doing time a blind face that presents itself at all times and ruins lives