Mary Ann Songtext
"Hello fortune, so long faith and joy of life", "Adieu, dear", said the fool Yesterday in heaven, now in empty rooms, reality´s so cruel You told me that you love me, I remeber well, the phrases I used, too But in the end you left me and I wonder why, you can´t explain your view Only one desire´s wandering ´round my brain, I paint it on a wall Sitting at the harbour watch the sun go down, when will you heed the call Dark and dreary are the days without you love, a never ending rain Beer and whisk*y, stuff against my loneliness, It eases off the pain My mind turned over to the cliffs of no return, Line index in "The Sun "The higher you climb the harder you fall, Good Bye, my only one Mary Ann, when will we meet again, the lights are turning low Mary Ann, hope to see you again, farewell, it´s time to go