Mantle Of Green Songtext
Mantle Of GreenMy love came to Dublinone fine Sunday morning.My love came to Dublinto honour me thereHe wore a green ribbonwrapped round a green bonnetAnd I wore a bangle of gold in my hairNow the leaves they were greenon taht bright Sunday morningBut now they all fallin this wind in the boughAnd I never asked himto buy me a ringFall down very lightlyyou leaves haunt me nowI will not ask the clergyfor prayers in the chapelI will not hear the ministersinging his prayersI go down to the riverneath the birch trees and branchesAnd ask them to raise uptheir arms in the airNow the good girls they sleepin all their fine modestyThe bad girls they sleepin the height of their shameI lie alone in the cold by the riverTill I see my true lovereturn with my nameAnd I´ll make him some shoesof the finest green leatherI´ll make him a cloakthe finest you´ve seenAnd he´ll walk like a lordthrough the city of DublinAnd I´ll walk beside himin mantles of green