Madman ('92 Re-mix) Songtext

Ugly Kid Joe

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Madman ('92 Re-mix) Songtext
Disneyland is the place to be, c'mon baby,
just you and me;
Hand in Hand, to Disneyland, we go! Not Slow;
Happiest place, in the world untill a madman
grabs a girl;
Hand in Hand, with the madman she goes! Oh! Oh!

Knife gleamin' no fellin's, axe wieldin', child stealin,
madman is Disneyland (in Disneyland)
Come here little girl if you wanna see,
Peter Pan's Magic Flight on L.S.D.
Up and down, all around, we go! Whoah oh!

Madman is loose in Disneyland;
He's back here by popular demand;
Madman is loose in Disneyland;
He'll take no lip but he'll take your head!

Surprise, surprise, I'm comin' at ya' live;
I sure as hell ain't Mickey Mouse,
I'm a killer in disguise;
You can run, and you can hide;
But you ain't gettin' away 'cause I got you in
my sight;

Axe wieldin', child stealin';
I'm a mad mother, and I'm loose;

Have you heard the news, madman sure is loose;
Got you by the noose, have his way with you;
Nothin' you can do, headlines in the news;
Madman sure is loose, in Disneyland.

Disneyland is the place to be, in California,
by the sea;
Sunny day, well A.O.K., for now, and how;

Knife gleamin', no feelin's, axe wieldin', childe stealin'
madman is Disneyland (in Disneyland)