Lynch & Ellis Songtext

The One Jp

von Sophomore Slumz

Lynch & Ellis Songtext
[Verse 1]
Let me tell you how cool I am rolling in my label van, I'm the man
I'm The One oh yes I am, cool
Threw a curve ball on you fools
Zapped all your energy, hate and jealous tools, then I rule
The spot I'll rap about in the next few bars
Is the same spot I got more than just a few scars
And bumps and bruises then learned lessons 'bout life cuz I'm constantly choosing

Over there on Lynch & Ellis [x4]

[Verse 2]
And we, ducked corners and ran from JPD
And since I was the fastest runner they always wondered where JP be
I be gone, like Marion Jones, ain't waiting on no questioning
Jumping fences like we equestrian
G.A.C. the code, get away clean every time that's how me and my niggaz rolled
You need a bra for a camaro? Yeah I got that
You need an Alpine by Saturday? I can knock that
Ask ya' boy, He know da' rat gone sneak
I be done swiped ya' whole system while you in there sleep
Then part out the booty with my bandits who helped
Then we sippin' on that yac plotting on who up next
(And um...)If we ain't friends, then you toppin' the list
And if the call is made, you gone un-ass the gifts
And I'm sorry if you thankin' I'm just bold and rude
You can blame it on my Jacktown attitude; I got it from

Over there on Lynch & Ellis [x4]

[Verse 3]
Now hold ya' pimp cups up and let's toast to the game
Mississippi coming up we doing major thangs
I'm seeing the world through trillionaire thoughts
I want a billionaire's house with a million big rotts
To guard my sanctuary, don't get it twisted though
I'm still dirt down enough to make you come up missing hoe
So just listen, all I'm doing is just spittin'
I ain't looking for no trouble mayne, I'm looking for the kitten
Giving back so it's love what I'm getting
You thought I was bullshitting and now I'm the fool trippin'
Rollin'..lil heavy Chevy like them boyz say
And we riding all day and (cough) on hay
And sippin' hypnotiq with the Hennessey
Kicking mo' game than Janakowski
Staying focused cuz its plain to see
And I ain't got nothing to lose so I aim to please
And my aim stick to ya' like mange and fleas
Spittin' flames on the mic like you can't believe
From Ripley to moss point and everything in between
Reppin' Jack on the map, puttin' my block on the scene and I'm from

Over there on Lynch & Ellis [x6]