Lycanthropic Songtext


von Twilight Dominion

Lycanthropic Songtext
The last flickers of light
Awakens those who roam the night
And then darkness fills the air
You feel the cold of the devil's stare
Satan's minions for eternity
Educing screams of mortal agony
Drink the water from the haunted stream
Shift from man into wretched fiend
With full moon brings night of sin
Transformation will now begin
Tortured screams from the soon deceased
Metamorphosis into beast
Crawling around on all fours
On the hillside you hear my rorars
On your face - the wolf's breath
Nocturnal night lord causes death

His eyes are watching you!
There's nothing in this world you can do
The weak become His prey
Rabid blood flows in His veins
Satan take my soul
Possess me with the ways of the wolf
My ways are misanthropic Godless... and