Love Hurts Songtext


von Nivea Undercover

Love Hurts Songtext
Love hurts
Love hurts ohh
Love hurts ahh
Love hurts

[Verse 1:]
All your lies
All your cheating boy
I then tallyed up all your scores
Boy you're winning now
I'm down from the count
Tell me what's this pain about
Is it necessary
You could have been straight up with me
From jump street
You knew you didn't want me
Whatever it was the bitter story of a womans scorn
Turn up your radio
Cause baby heres why

Love huts ohh
Love hurts ahh
Love hurts ohhh
Love hurts

[Verse 2:]
All your lies
All your cheating
The game is over
Baby your winning now
I'm bowing now
Leaving the crowd
Them other girls, they have you now
I never knew what pain was
Until I fell in love
I never knew that you werent someone
I could trust
So much for love
So much for we
So much for staying down
So much for diamond rings

Love hurts ohh
Love hurts ahh
Love hurt ohh
Love hurts

[Verse 3:]
I guess the question is why
Did I never leave man
I had plenty opportunitys
Women always think they can change a man
When changin my mind was a better plan
Everything I did I did for you and me
Now you tell me there's no more you and me
I'm just a girl standing here in front of a man
Asking him to love her again

Love hurts
Loves hurt ahh