Lords Of The Nekrothrone Songtext


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Lords Of The Nekrothrone Songtext
Benighted, obscuring, of spreading shadow feasting, entombing, eradicating, priapismic lords of the nekrothrone

of blasphemy they once were born
unhallowed children lichen skinned
and with the crown of wrath upon them
they shall reign thy wretched soul

nostrils fueled by ptomaine smell
the entrails of thy wilting life
a defecated wasted corpse
lay thy heart into their hands

let those eat of thy sore flesh
who are hungering for whats long been dead
let them soke thee in new life
reborn thou shall be in this pregnant night

whorshipped god ejaculation
in thy mouth it shall be bled
the fathers of thy nocturne nightmares
lords of the nekrothrone

lords of rot unleashed
untombed madness rising
(the) stench of crypts unveiling
what has long for thee been waiting...

(Thanks to Luise for these lyrics)