Living For Something Songtext

The Underground

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Living For Something Songtext
Foreign to the place we were made in
Nothing ever will be the same
I used to be the new kid myself once
But now I have no right to complain

She told a lie that she couldn't back up
She really screwed herself up this time
And now I sit right here and I laugh at
The days when she is doing fine
Join hands, and give up the love
Do me no wrong
A peaceful time comes after the storm
passes along
And when I see your smiling face, I know this can't be wrong
For me

Everybody out there is waiting
It's time for me to start up the show
But if this is all life will add up to
I've gone about as far as I'll go

Fall away when someone is made for
A paralyzing spin of the coast
Cause everybody's living for something
My heart is burnt like over done toast

Paranoia eating my mind frame
So many things are inside my head
A hattrick in life is what we live for
Leaving all the prophecies dead

I'm holding on to my own creations
No one ever can bring me down
Everybody's living for something
You gotta get up before you get down