Live Songtext

People in the cemetery,
they're not all alone.
Some buried in each others' arms,
and some have telephones.

They don't mind dyin';
they got a message to give,
and they ain't lyin'
when they say,


Death is only temporary,
but life rolls on and on.
There's a lot of folks walkin' around
who've turned to stone.

And if they don't mind dyin'
'fore it's time to give in...
I'm not tryin' to cop no attitude;
just tryin to say one thing:


Don't mean to be didactic;
there's plenty enough static around already.
It's just that stealin' from yourself
is such an odd kind of stealth.
So forgive me before you forget
that the dead are talkin' straight at you, baby.
And they're takin' such sorrowful bets
that you won't