Light In The Hall Songtext

Fred Small

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Light In The Hall Songtext
There's a light in the hall,
there's a crack in the doorway,
let's it into my room.
Tells me everything. Tells me everything.
I curl up in a ball,
I try to slide in the crack between the bed and the wall,
I am falling. I am falling.

Daddy they'll know,
I'll walk funny and they'll know I've been bad.
Daddy please don't, please don't, please don't.
I'm shaking all over.
I squeeze my legs together just as tight as I can.
You can't, you can't, you can, okay okay okay.

I see the tree through my window,
the tree is my friend,
I see the moon through the clouds,
and the stars without end,
I am flying away, I am dying.

Is there a cradle big enough for this little girl?
It wouldn't have to be so very big,
for a girl and a teddy bear and a patchwork quilt.
It's waiting somewhere for me.

Don't you tell anyone,
if you know what's good for you.
And your little sister, don't you love your sister?
And who would believe you,
just a little girl with a big imagination.
Everyone knows me, I'm an important man.

I get ready for school,
My hair is brushed and pulled tight in a bow,
But I am dirty, I am dirty.
Mommy puts on my coat,
red and purple blotches up and down my legs,
She won't look at me, she won't look at me.

I will run to the park,
I will cilmb on the swing,
I will swing so high,
Up above everything,
'Till a cloud takes me away.

Now I am grown,
on a silver chain I wear a pretty stone,
A friend gave me, to say she loves me.
And to say I can love, and to say I am worthy of it,
it is not easy, it is not easy.

Sometimes I scream,
sometimes I weep like the little girl I never was, I never was.
I tell the story,
somebody stole my life, but I'm taking it back.
I can see colors, I can see colors now.

Tracing the truth through the tangle of lies,
forgiving myself what I did to survive,
I am living. I am living.