Life's Sweetest Mystery Songtext

Alex Goodman

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Life's Sweetest Mystery Songtext
Her face shines greater than the sun
Her scent powers over that of any flower
Not one part of her is without perfection
She is completely flawless in every way

Not one understands, not one knows why,
Why God let her depart from His heaven and descend on this earth
Because it is known this could not possibly be her home
She is too perfect, she belongs by His side
When she walks into a room,
Time stands still, walls melt around her
She becomes everyone's desire, everyone's yearning
Her pure, magical beauty, her smile, her walk, her shine
Enchants every who is blessed enough to be given a chance to see her

And anyone put under her spell
Will desire to share every thought, emotion, heartbeat with her
Life being put to a complete end, life becoming hers
Longing to do absolutely anything to please her
Throwing diamonds and kisses at her feet
Not possible to let go, life would have no purpose