Last Beautiful Girl Songtext

Matchbox 20

von Mad Season

Last Beautiful Girl Songtext
This will all fall down like everything else that was
This too shall pass and all of the words we said
We can't take back

Now every fool in town would've left by now
I can't replace all the wasted days
The memory of your face...can't help thinkin'

Maybe if we ever coulda kept it all together
Where would we be
A thousand lost forevers
And the promises you never were giving me
Here's what I'm thinking

It won't be the first...heart that you break
It won't be the last...beautiful girl
The one that you wrecked...won't take you back
If you were the last beautiful girl in the world

Tell me one more time
How you're sorry about the way
This all went needed to find your space
You needed to still be friends
Needed me to
Call you if I ever couldn't keep it all together
you'd comfort me
Tell me but forever
And the promises I never should have believed in
Here's what I'm thinking


It's over now...And I've gone without
'Cuz you're everybody else's girl
It seems to'll always be
Everyone else's girl

This will all fall down
Like everything in the world
This too must end
And everything else that was
We can't take back