Lantern Songtext


von The Tide

Lantern Songtext
Listen child, how your voice makin these sounds
where they tumble as mountain and stone

Rage has a way of unleashing your Sol…

These hands do not hold the strings that
dance you, you're holding tight but don't
want to dance this way and breaking
away has never been shown to you my
love, this trail is yours to set
light to, no one but yourself can
lead you where you must go
only you know
name it your own
trail to set light to

lead by night
lantern set, set inside
speak to the fear, speak it right
tasting all that's come before you

Here, hold, gotcha back
all behind, all that's passed
speak to the fear, speak it right
tasting all that wants to move you...

Listen child, how your throat's makin these rounds
like a typhoon getting used to giving it’s wake

Say it with all grace and no holding back your
Voice of the voiceless
knowing the nameless
choosing the righteous
worth what you give this