Labrador Songtext
I had a dream that God didn't swap Isaac with a lamb
When old Abraham came down with his hand
The poor boys head rolled across the land.
It was a gruesome scene
You were swallowed by the sea
The women wore black on their faces to hide wet cheeks.
They cried, “Oooh.”

They dredged up your body. You'd been gone three days.
Visitors stormed from far away
Torn up to find old Dave had been nabbed by the Labrador waves
Little Davey was especially changed
He went from a boy to a man just as the wake was arranged.
The casket was beautiful
Oh, she was beautiful
The flowers were beautiful
It was beautiful…
We cried, “Oooh.”

You sat up to stares, asked why we were there.
I didn't believe it
I still don't believe it, no.
Mama nearly had a stroke, pointed her finger and spoke
She said, “This old heart needs your love.
My little Davey needs your love.
You know this whole damn town needs your love.
The Labrador sea, needs your love
My, my (it all) needs your love.
Right now…”