Krieg (The Alpha Paradox) Songtext


von Rabble Manifesto

Krieg (The Alpha Paradox) Songtext
Past repeats in warfare drive
dying's close - death's too far...
Since dawn of times we're breathing the air
that's pregnant with translucent crimes.

Oh, brother, take my food
celebrate our brotherhood
red wine in my arms - in your arms
the other side's always mirror of us
Krieg - the Alpha paradox

TV cult of warmongers
boring peace is over
Humanizing fictions
self destructive pictures

Religions - battles between the Saints
Oil fields - my heaven claims!
Something has changed, hear the cage
I'm sorry we're not in the same trench.

Oh, brother, hide your sight
God says: "We're chosen ones"
Sludge, blood and!
That shot in your left eye is from my gun.

[REF:] Krieg - the Alpha paradox