Knee Deep In Love Songtext


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Knee Deep In Love Songtext
Hello sweet Joan so glad you're home

Just called to say goodbye

I'm leaving town I'm bent and bound

Don't try to change my mind

You ask me why I'm leaving
But we both know the reason


You're knee deep in love

Guess it's over and done for us, you and me

You're knee deep in love

But I'm not the one

I'm not the one I know

Isn't it strange how people change
And slowly drift apart like you and me

It had to be I've known it from the start

You're trying not to show it

But in my heart I know it


It's in the way you hold me

And in the lies you've told me

Everything I do seems to

Annoy you and displease you

You never share your laughter

And on the morning after

You try to sweep me under your rug

You don't have to say it