Johnny Bye-bye Songtext
She drew out all her money from the Southern TrustAnd put her little boy on a Greyhound busLeaving Memphsi with a guitar in his handOn a one-way ticket to the promised landHey little girl with the red dress onThere's a party tonight down in Memphis townI'll be going down there if you need a rideThe man on the radio says Elvis Presley's diedWe drove down into Memphis, the sky was hard and blackUp over the ridge came a white CadillacThey'd drawn out all his money and they laid him in the backA woman cried from the roadside "Ah he's gone, he's gone"They found him slumped up against the drainWith a whole lot of trouble running through his veinsBye-bye JohnnyJohnny bye-byeYou didn't have to dieYou didn't have to die