It's Ok Songtext
Nobody knows my name, I'm used to it so I say , I don't mind, that's my life and I say goodbye Nobody knows my age, Nobody knows what I feel, and they don't care, if I cry and walk on bye Come on, come on, come on, talk with me for one day that would be nice,that would be fine, but it's O.k. I'm coming closer to you, I'm coming nearer. It's alright, It's all fine, It's O.k. And now I'm standing here alone. Waiting for someone to ask me "Hey will u dance with me?" Nobody at my side, sitting alone the whole night, but they don't care , don't notice me, they go away Nobody says hello, nobody laughs when I joke, but I don't mind, if they turn their back on me Come on, Come on, come on, dance with me just one time, that would be nice, that would be fine, but it's O.k. The spot is shining bright into my eyes, and I see someone coming over, could it be tonight?