Is Ya Alright Songtext
Yo kid. I'm from your block yo. I took yodr chain. I took your moms out twice. I put the g in the game its been like Tangiers. I put the grease in the gears left your dad in tears. When i boxed his ears i'm reppin avenue c. Where the wack catch a slap i keep my cretin's crackin and the meatpackers mackin puttin things in relief so baby sit in the seat never touch the levels. Just bump the beat
Feel the fibe. Cop my style on this bitch ask the boys downtown. Yeah they know this kid. From my babies on the block to the killers on the corner. Don't start no shit. Hell rain on you
From downtown brooklyn to the L.E.S Let me hear it for the city is ya alright
All you bottle blonde she-devils. Out on patrol you'll catch a trick real quick so baby slow your roll and all you mop-top critics can't get me down. I count my money first then i beat your ass down i got the Saville Row suit. So fool. Don't act cute' cause...

(Thanks to Chris for these lyrics)