Irish Angel Songtext

Lang Jonny

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Irish Angel Songtext
in the fall of the year

she flew across the ocean

to ireland, the land of her fathers

when we said goodbye,

a tear was in her eye
i lost her then and there

my irish angel

the first letter came

she said she liked it there

and how much she wished

i was there with her

she wrote it on a hill in

a gentle irish way

i saw her in my mind
my irish angel

i wrote her back and then

there was no second letter

just the silence of the snow

that fell around me

i let her down i know

the day i let her go

now she's found someone else

my irish angel

the first time i saw her

my heart went in a spin

when they speak of love

they call it falling

it was like i held my breath

til i laid eyes on her agian

so beatiful she was

my irish angel

and when a storming glance

lead to a storming kiss

i thought i knew the

chance that i was taking

in all i never knew

a love as strong as this

or what it was to feel

my own heart breaking

so now i raise the glass

and then i raise another

one to forget

one to remember

it was just a dream

of how things could of been

if i hadn't lost my irish angel