Intro - The Rally Songtext


von Bone-A-Fide

Intro - The Rally Songtext
MC's, DJ's, B-boys and Beat Makers
I'm speaking to all of yall
The time is now, it's our time!

It's time for us to pick up tha ball and run with it
To rise up and rhyme for what we believe in
We believe in ?live and let live?
We believe that what we're doing is right
And right will always win against wrong
We been doing this thang so long, singing tha same old song,
We couldn't do nothing but get strong
Ah, don't look at me like crazy
Think about it, even Tech and Sway be trying to wake you up from they radio station
A sleeping nation and generation
Wake up and smell the coffee.

I'm calling out to all the disenfranchised, blacks, whites, Asians and Latinos
Join me in this fight against corruption in entertainment
Politics, religious rituals and music

I say stop all the violence, stop all the cursing
Stop all the killing, and lets become one in this conscious state of hip-hop