In Good Time Songtext
I don?t know why
Or how we got this way
Just forget the things I said
Cause today?s a brand new day

Months move by slow
Autumn winds blow through the chimes
How can a second spent without you
Feel to me like a lifetime
I?ll be with you
In good time

No tongue can tell
How we?ll fare this year through
If so much can change in hours and days
Who?s to say if I?ll know you?

But I?ll brave what comes
Though I?m sure we?ll stretch the ties
That forever stay connected to you
That are anchored in your eyes

We?ll see things through
In good time

I hope you hear this song
And that wherever you are
Know that I am always singing it for you
From the cliffs of this cold shore

And if you ever want to come
I?ll send a quarter note your way
You can ride it here and stay for a while
Or just visit for the day

In time we?ll see
Our hearts set free
And you won?t need me
In good time