I'll kiss it away Songtext

Sarah Conner

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I'll kiss it away Songtext

Twenty days and twenty nights

I'm sitting right here by your side

Surrounded by the monitors

Listening to you sigh
You're sleeping so peacefully

Sometimes you're smiling in your dreams

Lord, why had it to be her, why didn't you pick me

Until the day you're born

Still hoping they were wrong

But now I'm here to make you strong,


I'm with you..

I'll carry your pain
Whenever you fall again

I will help you stand

Just reach out your hand

When your world is dark

Or you're hurt in your heart

Come what may, I'll kiss it away

Come what may, I'll kiss it away

Sing softly into your ear, your hand is wrapped around my finger

Kiss your eyes, whisper “I am here and this won't take much longer”

And now we're having fries, you're chasing butterflies

And show the world you want to fight

Oh yes you do

Chorus* (x2)

In the darkness of the night I'll be there to hold you tight

And until my final day, I will guide you, come what may

Come what may…

Come what may, I'll kiss it away