I'd Fall At Her Feet Songtext


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I'd Fall At Her Feet Songtext
Another hour and I'll be leaving,
Across the street and down the lane.
And by the wall, she'll be waiting -
When I get there I'll call her name.

I'd fall at her feet
On the busiest street,
It wouldn't matter who was there,
I just wouldn't care.
With strangers watching me
I'd get down on my knees,
I'd crawl on the floor.
I'd do that tonight,
I'd do all that and more.

Another drink and I'll be ready,
Another half, another beer.
Then I'll go, I'll get there early,
And just as soon as she appears -

I'll fall at her feet
Just the moment we meet.
People might stop and stare
But I really won't care.
I've had a drink or two,
There's nothing I can do,
It's out of my hands -
The truth is tonight,
I'm just too drunk to stand.
Forgive me tonight,
I'm too drunk to stand.