I Got Bit Songtext
i got knocked back
and i'd start to perspire
sunglasses black
so you can't see the fire
she put up the walls
so i pulled down the shades
then i got bit
but the joke's on you
i'd get so bored
so i'd start me a project
you were all but ignored
man, i got me a soul to protect
i saw the daily grind
from a steep incline
they wouldn't take my mind
no they couldn't waste my time
she wrote me a letter
so i'll come back with a number
i'll call it i got bit
and the joke's on you
i hope we all bounce back
if we're all so grounded
i hope you'll always go back
to where your spirit got pounded
i'll be there calling bullshit
i grabbed my back
then it put out the fire
sunglasses black
so you can't see the wire
she put up a fit
surrounded by my shit
oh honey, i got friends
so what the fuck are you?
i got friends
more than you think i do