I Don't Know Man Songtext

The Hysterics

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I Don't Know Man Songtext
i'm so sick of passing you by
cause everytime i move right through your eyes
i tell you look!
but you don't see
what you're naturally what you're doing to me

if i just try to look back on this time and space
all i can see is your beautiful face
with my eyes and my thoughts and my fears and my tears
strewn all over the place
all over the place

now girl if you only knew
that everytime i see you i think you're beautiful
well it seems i'm just not your kind
well i was hoping that we
just might spend some time alone

go right ahead take some sun right off for your meal
cause everything is just losing its thrill
when i think i can cope
it seems that i can't
why wont you let him go go

so turn right around and don't look back
cause my thoughts are all turning black
i just can't seem to understand
why you won't give me a try

give me a try