I Don't Break Songtext

James Taft

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I Don't Break Songtext
I can see you staring. I am staring too.
I know you want me, you need me so bad and I think I'd like to get with you.

Slowly we edge closer.
But now I have to leave. I hope you get my words in the sand, can't you see?
Please come with me.

It's like I know you so well already. I know just what you love.
I'll let you choose every kiss, every touch, every glance.
I feel so much.

One night can be so special. So many signs, so much to learn.
I'm so confused. I am crazy about you.
Hear the words.
Can't take my eyes off you.

I've never been so nervous. I've never been so scared.
What you make me feel's so amazing. No words.
Don't forget.

We'll keep it our secret. Write and reflect.
You will never leave my lips.
One day, I'll make sure I see your face again.