I Can't Remember Songtext

Solar Fake

von Broken Grid

I Can't Remember Songtext
Sinking slowly down to the ground
But it's still above me
Drifting weightlessly in time and the seconds won't increase
It's so strange to fly and fall, but I pass the things I know
And these words I've never heard, I still don't understand

And I thought it could be wrong, to break the lines I walk upon
And I felt sure I'd finally find the whole puerility
In my eyes it's still the same, but in yours I see the flames
Burning all the candles down, that we lit so long ago

And if I tear the world apart I am wounding just myself
Every ending is a start in a wayward order
The custom to change the things you love
Will it lead to an impasse
Or will it all be light and dark but we're too blind to see

And even if I try to depart from my sole dimension
And I return to see the fault and no comprehension
I just wish that the hours would wash away
I'd truly have another try
But how much I ever strive, I can't remember anything