I Am Usurper Songtext


von Twilight Dominion

I Am Usurper Songtext
A child watches as his parents die
He calls from below for a reason why
Slaughtered and massacred, the whole tribe killed
My return/sworn vengeance/blood must be spilled
The forest becomes my home
To run with the wolves as one of their own
Possessed with the spirit of the hunter of man known as Hermes, Cernunnos and Pan

I am... Usurper! Bow your head... Die! Die!
I am... Usurper! Vengeance sworn... Die! Die!
I am... Usurper! Overthrow... Die! Die!
I am... Usurper! Rule your throne... Die! Die!

Lightning purifies my mortal blood
Empowered with thunder sent from above
Magic, sorcery, the art of war
Taught to me by the old man of the woods
Spells under the full moon are performed
My wolven brothers, into men they transform
We inhale the smoke upon the grave (of my parents)
And drink of the ale which makes us brave


We sleep below the mid-day sun
And feast upon the rawest meat
For tonight we'll kill the king and men
And rule his embassy
With savage force of beast and man
Armed with steel and fire
The king's blood drenches our hands
And their women feed our desires