I Am Songtext
I Am Übersetzung
Waterfalls inside my head - inside, inside my head
Diamond tears up on my hands - up on, up on my hands
I've lost my heart, I've lost my soul - my heart, my heart, my soul
Frozen feelings without you - without you

I hear a voice
|: I am the water when you die
I am the sky when you rise
I am the wind when you fly
I am eternity when you die :|

Touch my skin, I feel your breath - I feel, I feel your breath
Take my hand, don't let me go - don't let, don't let me go
I've missed your smile, I've missed your voice - Your smile, I've missed your voice
Now you're closer than before - than before

You are my light

Will I, will I, will I die? (Repeat 3x)

(Chorous 1x)