Hymn For The Isolated Songtext


von Nothing Is Sacred

Hymn For The Isolated Songtext
A hymn for the isolated
A wake up call for the conscience
A tear for the violated
An ear for the opposition
A smile for the crippled beggar
A little hope for the desperate
Justice for the innocent
A hand reachin' for the helpless
Guess this shall never be
Down in the streets
Up in the flats
Isolation taught us being passive
The level of nobody cares
'Bout someone dismembering his wife
Neighbours gettin' used to that stuff
I don't give a
Fuck the scenery
The happenings inside their cages
Nothing but usual
Rage, murder at the first floor
Cops in the basement
Selling confiscated 4 H
Guess this shall never be
The recently torn poor dude's blood
Decorating the pavement
I walk, nighttime, suicide
Realize three guys out for a buck
To make themselves a living
Killing environments
Daddy's mistreatin' children
A hundred freaks rapin' women
Windows gettin' closed
We don't hear no
Cries for help from the streets
Deafened motherfuckers
Turning up their TVs

Guess this shall never be
Eye to eye
Facing the disgusting daily rage
No one able to deal with his own mistakes
Searching for a way to immortality
Cages gettin' built by your
I don't give a fuck mentality