Hymn 5: E.r. In E Flat Major Songtext

Gavin Castleton

von Hospital Hymns

Hymn 5: E.r. In E Flat Major Songtext
I stepped in to bring Susan some saline
the E.R. was a wreck
they had nothing left
everywhere was death
a pile-up out on 95
and everyone had just arrived
and I'd never seen so much color in my life.

how can they be so afraid when the father's so near?
doesn't everybody know that the arm of the Lord is severe?

I'd like to help
but I'm all in the way
so I hustle out
to the hall with my crates

and there - parked by the wall
a broken voice starts to call
"Please stop this pain
we are all alone, just the three of us again.

and as I pulled the tube from her mouth
she drifted off to sleep
singing to the sky
and scrunching up the sheets

"Oh God
Oh Lord
I'm home
Oh God

Oh Lord
I'm Home
Oh God
Oh Lord."