Hungry Songtext
[Large Professor]
Bussin out the woodworks on all rap jerks
It's me Large Pro kid the one that perks up the party
Whenever its time to drop mine
I come through correct with the power to shine from the suns
Radiation I clock funds
Fuck all the bullshit I'm making spot runs from state to state
But I'm the worldwide great
Bound to blow up and won't ever deflate or go pop
Cos once I start I don't stop
So check out the man as I hop to the top
On that ass like the temperature heat I'm risin
To all the critics that keep critisisin
Y'all don't know about shit
I'm strictly large core without intermission I'll split
Your whole rap staff in half then laugh
Cos I done mastered the art and the craft
Of freaking a loop to make the girls wanna shoop
And kickin a line to make the guys wanna find
A nice cool spot to roll up at its fat
I say and slay it and lay it to DAT
Baby without an if or a maybe
There ain't no other and we don't bother
Cos I got a lot more albums galore in me
And in the end some of y'all might see what it is
That separate the pop pop fizz from this
Radioactive one who never lacked it
Coming from Queens with the over ground tactic
(Word) Word mad clear not blurred
The next man slipped and he only got heard
For trying to come against he got his ass mixed
For various wack ass subliminal hits on the low
I'll take you wherever you wanna go
In this hip hop world cos I was born to flow
And drop logic on everyone in every project
To maintain the reign is the motherfucking object(ive)
For longevity and I could never be wack
In fact I stay as sharp as a thumbtack
Penetrating the non-innovating ain't shit to me
Same old same your lame rollin out the budha
To get blown out the frame on some arsine shit
Boy you get lit like a stove when I'm in complete flip mode
So watch out carve another notch out son (Why?)
Cos I'm hungry