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Aw shit
I'm coming
Bring your ass downstairs so we can discuss this report card
Please explain to me how the fuck you go to school every single day and bring back F's
What are you doing all day?

I remember being scared to go home
Cause my mama found out I did wrong
I could see the tears fall from her eyes
Her child was always in something
Why won't you hold me
Safe in your arms
There was a time where all I needed was a pencil
Just to keep the stresses of this cold world out my mental
You don't know what I been through
Do the same things my friends do
So who am I?
I ain't got the time for the rainy days 'cause who gon' listen when I talk about my day to day
Not that I'm hiding
It's just safer being silent these days

Nigga, I tell you what
Take your ass upstairs and I don't want to see your face since you can't answer none of my fucking questions