Home Boys Home Songtext
Home Boys HomeOh well, who wouldn´t be a sailor lada sailin´ on the mainTo gain the good willof his captain´s good nameHe came ashore one evening for to beAnd that was the beginingof my own true love and me.And it´s home, boys homeHome, I´d like to be homeFor a while in me own countryWhere the oak and the ashand the bonny rowan treeAre all agrowin´ green in the old countryWell I asked her for a candlefor to light me upt o bedAnd likewise for a handkerchiefto tie around me head.She tended to me needslike a young maid ought to doSo then I says to her´Now won´t you leap in with me tooWell she jumped into bedmaking no alarmThinking a young sailor ladcould do to her no harm.Well I hugged her and I kissedher the whole night longTill she wished this great short nighthad been seven years longWell early next morningthe sailor lad aroseAnd into Mary´s apronthrew a handful of goldSaying, ´Take this me dearfor the mischief that I´ve doneFor tonight I fear I´ve left youwith a daughter or a sonWell, if it be a girl childsend her out to nurse,With gold in her pocketand with silver in her purseAnd if it be a boy childhe´ll wear the jacket blueAnd go climbing up the rigginglike his daddy used to doOh come all of you fair maidensa warning take by meAnd never let a sailor ladan inch above your kneeFor I trusted one and he beguiled meHe left me with a pair of twinsto dangle on me knee