Hobo Train Songtext
Today it began to rain I jumped upon a rolling trainThey call me Hobo Jack by name I couldn't cure the feverHurry up the engine lad hurry up the train I saidI feel lonely I feel sad I couldn't cure the feverOne more road I'd like to ride said the bum before he diedWhen the train rolls in the night I couldn't cure the feverWherever I lay down my head upon my bundle and my bagI call my home until I'm dead I couldn't cure the feverI rode the train from coast to coast but in the mountains I like mostBeen everywhere that is my boast I couldn't cure the feverBeen on buses been on planes so to all I must explainNothing beats a railroad train I couldn't cure the fevreI'm waiting for a Hobo Train it sends a message to my brainI wanna ride the rails again I couldn't cure the feverNow I'm grey and old and bent soon to heaven I'll be sendOn Peter's train they'll be content they couldn't cure the fever.